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Do you love animals, bones, magic, and ghosts? Than this cozy paranormal fantasy collection is right up your alley. 

Paperbacks come signed and personalized. 


Published by Dragon Bone Publishing

Signed Bleached Reminders

  • Sacrifice Rock-a place of grief, of loneliness, of tearful goodbyes as a girl lays to rest her deceased pets. But in a forest as quiet and gentle as this, is she really alone after all? Is it truly a place of goodbyes?

    Bleached Reminders-left behind after death, often hated, precious memories left for those to come.

    The Soul-Filled Skulls of Epsie Rees-a witch born to a coven intolerant of the magicless. But she has a secret: she can see animal ghosts living in the skulls they once inhabited. But no one believes her. Will Epsie Rees find a way to prove to the coven that she is indeed a witch? Or will she and all her animal friends face certain doom?

    A collection for lovers of both animals and bones, Bleached Reminders will leave you contemplating the finality of death while also comforted by the warm love of beloved animals.

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