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Anthologies and Series that are contracted and available now by Dragon Bone Publishing

Aphotic Love
Anthology on the Depths of Love

Devoid of light. A depth beyond comprehension.

Everything that stands in the light
Also has a side that stands in the darkness.

Love is no exception.

Love is often depicted as light, joyful, fun, exciting, carefree ...
But there is also a darker side to love—a deeper, frightening, desperate, tragic side.
Dare to dive deep into this raw, emotional collection of short stories, prose, and poems which strives to expose the lightless side of tragedy, heartbreak, desperation, and love.

From the love of gods and goddesses to mortals who fell in love with death to the love forbidden between commoners. From pure sweet romance gone astray to villains who loved the hero.
An actress no longer acting she's in love, a phoenix whose lover gives everything to be with her reborn, a villain who burned the world so his love could be the hero, two immortals who give up everything to live and love, a lonely queen whose touch turns loved ones to ice, a romantic moment re-lived and lost in gold paint. Promises made and promises broken.

Some fall in love.
And some fall out.
After all, ... all's fair in aphotic love ... 
Aphotic Cover2.jpg

Child of the Dragon Prophecy
Book 1 of The Shadows of Light

A future foreseen. A past forgotten. 

The savior child of the Dragon Prophecy is born.

Adopted by Centaurs, then forsaken by humans, Stephania longs for a place to belong, but home keeps slipping away as fragmented memories. Those disturbing memories relentlessly haunt her, and the hometown where she has never felt welcome stands against her.

When Stephania seeks an escape, she unwittingly begins a journey of self-discovery, and her long thought forgotten memories, shape-shifting demons, a lyre surrounded by dangerous magic, and newfound lies emerge as threats that may break her or finally lead her to her true home.

Will Stephania be able to put aside her hate and pain to accept who she truly is? Or will she let it drag her and all of Duvarharia to its doom?

COTDP Front Paperback cover 2nd pub JPG.jpg
Duvarharia awaits.
The past calls.
The heir of two kingdoms faces her inheritance.
Stephania is destined to rule the land of the dragon riders, Duvarharia, but when she stops in the Centaur tribe of Trans-Falls on her way to Duvarharia, her past snares her. As she lingers in her childhood home, a traitor, a brother, supernatural evil, a mentor, nightmares, and new friends remind her of who she was while also urging her to move forward. While Stephania fights between her memories and destiny, she also battles the darkness growing in the land and her soul. When loss threatens to shatter her, will Stephania remain behind the mask of her past, fall victim to the darkness or step forward to inherit her destiny?
Hotk paperback front OFFICIAL.png

Heir of Two Kingdoms
Book 2 of The Shadows of Light

New Contracts and Coming Releases

A list of our soon to be published  works

Love Overcomes All
With Squeaky, Turklet, and the Chicken Chicks

Based on a true story about how love overcame all as a duck and turkey co-parented to raise baby chickens.
Dedicated to every family that lets nothing stop them from loving unconditionally.

Children's literature with meaning in mind, this heart-warming tale of a family of farm animals strives to reach the hearts and minds of the next generation in encouraging them to overcome differences and obstacles with love. 

Coming Soon 2023
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