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Literature Submissions for the 2025 Issue

& End April 30th, 2024


Our mission at Dragon Bone Publishing is to encourage authors with their passions by publishing their writing, offering tools and tricks of the trade, and by spreading the word about their work! What better way to do that than a magazine?

Inside Each Issue

Want to Submit Material?

Anyone is welcome to submit fiction or non-fiction material for consideration and possible publication in the Dragon Bone Journal. 

What Are We Looking For?

Short Stories

Our goal for our short stories is to provide readers with short literature filled with passion. Whether it's a sci-fi story about the morality of colonizing a new planet, charged, forbidden love between clashing cultures, or the complexity of being a villain without realizing it, we want stories that stay with people, give them a new way of looking at life, or make them feel deep, complex emotions. 

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