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Dragon Bone Publishing is a small press publishing label devoted to producing high quality works, particularity of Epic Fantasy, Sci-fi Sagas, Experimental Fiction, Anthologies, and Children's Literature with deeper meanings.

Dragon Bone Publishing was born out of a dream of passion. Passion for writing, reading, learning, and for life itself. Believing everything has a deeper meaning and complexity than often explored, Dragon Bone Publishing seeks to expose the depth and intricacy of the world around us using the words of multi-faceted authors, the magic and mystery of epic fantasy, the science and possibility of sci-fi, the symbolism and truths of allegory, and the wonder of a child's mind. To see all of our published books and upcoming contracts, visit our Books page. 

Because we prioritize our authors, it is our mission to include them in as much of the publication process as we can including giving them a say in cover design, interior formatting, art, editing and more. Authors deserve to retain as many rights to their own creative work as possible and we promise to give them just that. 

Our main mission at Dragon Bone Publishing is producing and providing a wide variety of books with deeper meaning and complexity for a wide variety of readers, which is why we publish books that range from children's books all the way to adult books. We also include trigger warnings at the beginning of our books so our readers always know what they're getting into. To learn more about what kind of content each of our books specifically contains, visit our content guide

Lastly but not least, we also strive to support all indie and small authors (even if they aren't published by us) and local, small bookstores which is why we started Dragon Bone Distribution. This is us giving back to the incredible community of small authors and bookstores that have done so much to help and support us. It is our dream that other authors and bookstores see their dreams of success come to fruition. To learn more about Dragon Bone Distribution, visit our information page. 

We thank you for your interest in our new publishing company and we are so excited to be bringing you titles to enrich your life and bring magic to the ordinary. 


—Effie Joe Stock (head of Dragon Bone Publishing) 

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