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Whether it's about our royalty cuts, our beliefs, the kind of content we publish, or where we distribute our titles, we have the answers! 

Do Your Retain Exclusive Rights?

We believe authors should retain as much of their rights as possible, but our claim to exclusivity rights varies between our novels, anthologies and magazines. 

Novels: Our contracts last for three years before needing to be renewed and reviewed by both author and publisher and during that time we retain the right to be the exclusive publisher of that novel. 

Anthologies/Magazines: For the entirety of the publication of our anthologies and for the time a magazine issue is in print, we do not retain exclusive rights to the material and allow authors to publish their own works elsewhere, as long as they aren't infringing upon another publisher's exclusive rights. 

Where Do You Print/Distribute?

We like our titles to be as widely available as possible, so we used Ingramspark for our global paperback and hardback distribution.

For eBooks we use KDP and depending on the novel will decide whether or not to enroll the book in Kindle Select/Unlimited. 

We also have partnerships with local and indie bookstores and giftshops across America in Colorado and Arkansas and strive to get our titles into as many brick and mortar stores as possible. 

What Percentage of Royalities Do You Take?

We definitely don't like the idea of stealing from authors who have worked hard to produce a beautiful manuscript which is why we strive to provide authors with as high of percentage of royalties as we are able to. This ranges anywhere from 30-50% of all earned royalties. 

Are Your Books "Clean"?

Because we publish for all ages and are multi-genre, we don't police our books so all of them are "clean" and instead look to see if the content in the book uplifts and supports the story and vision or if it detracts. 

Each book is different from the others when it comes to content like sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, cursing etc. which is why we have a Content Guide

That being said, we do not publish books that have overly graphic sex (what would be considered smut), and any other content that is overly graphic, vulgar, or depraved in a way that detracts from the story rather than adds to it or is overtly offensive. 

Do You Have Set Rules on the Kind of Content You Publish Regarding Beliefs, Religions,  Cultures, Etc.?

At Dragon Bone Publishing we believe there are many ways to perceive truth in the world through many different perspectives, including those of religions, beliefs, cultures etc. and we strive not to discriminate against any set beliefs, cultures or religions, etc. We also do not have a specific list of rules or beliefs that we only publish by. 

However, we will not publish content that is overtly hateful or offensive to any personal belief system, political beliefs, culture, religion, worldview, etc. as we believe that any and all negativity is harmful to positive and loving human relationships and connections. 

We will always retain the right to refuse to publish anything we are not comfortable with or that does not align with our beliefs of inclusivity and open-mindedness. We also retain the right not to give any specific reason for refusal although we will always strive to have positive conversations with people we may disagree with regarding content we disagree with. 

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