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Read a charming tale about how a Turkey and Duck co-parented to raised Seven Chicken Chicks and proved that love really does overcome all differences and difficulties. This is a story about acceptance and tolerance and is a message that is perfect for readers youn and old alike. 

Based on a true story. 


Signed and personalized copies of Turklet, Squeaky, and the Seven Chicken Chicks


Written and Illustrated by Effie Joe Stock

Edited by H.A. Pruitt

Published by Dragon Bone Publishing

Signed Turklet, Squeaky, and the Seven Chicken Chicks

  • Based on a True Story... 

    Turklet the turkey has always wanted a family of her own, but when she tries to hatch a nest of eggs, she is faced with many unforeseen difficulties including language barriers, adoption, racism, and prejudice against mixed/unconventional families. But with the help of Nic, the farm girl who raised her, and her dear friend Squeaky the duck, Turklet will discover that all of life's difficulties are not so daunting when dealt with patience and love.

    Written and illustrated by Effie Joe Stock (the farm girl herself), and based on a true story, Turklet, Squeaky, and the Seven Chicken Chicks brings to light some of the hardships of families in a fun, gentle way that is sure to spark love and acceptance into the hearts of young and old readers alike.

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