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Dragon Bone Publishing was born out of a dream of passion. Passion for writing, reading, learning, and for life itself. Believing everything has deeper meaning and complexity than often explored, Dragon Bone Publishing seeks to expose the depth and intricacy of the world around us using the words of multi-faceted authors, the magic and mystery of epic fantasy, and the wonder of a child's mind. 

The Dragon Bone Journal

Our mission at Dragon Bone Publishing is to encourage authors with their passions by publishing their writing, offering tools and tricks of the trade, and by spreading the word about their work! What better way to do that than a magazine?


The Shadows of Light

If you like epic fantasy with worlds, characters, and plots that are bigger than life, if you love adopted families, shape-shifting demons, dragon riders, Centaurs, and Fauns, if you believe in the complex try that not everyone is all good or all evil, or if you're looking for a beautiful forld to escape to ...

Welcome to Rasa and The Shadows of Light

Aphotic Love
Anthology on the Depths of Love

Everything that stands in the light 
Also has a side that stands in the darkness.

Love is no exception.

Love is often depicted as light, joyful, fun, exciting, carefree ... 

But there is also a darker side to love—a deeper, frightening, desperate, tragic side. 

Dare to dive deep into this raw, emotional collection of short stories, prose, and poems which strives to expose the lightless side of tragedy, heartbreak, desperation, and love. 

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