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Epic Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Anthologies, Children's Literature

Son of the Prophet's Kickstarter Funded!

The Son of the Prophet Kickstarter is now fully funded PAST our original goal! We managed to reach three important stretch goals and are SO thankful to everyone who contributed! 

Visit the campaign and see updates on Son of the Prophet's publication.

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Now Available!
The Legends of Rasa Vol. I

Want to dive into an epic fantasy world without all the saving the world/fighting/high stake drama? Perhaps you want an introduction to Rasa before you read The Shadows of Light series. Or maybe you just want to read wholesome fantasy stories. This collection has all that and more. 

Submit Now I Love You

Where Aphotic Love went to the depths of romantic love, our newest Dragon Bone anthology I Love You Unconventionally extends to the far reaches of all different love including familial romantic, and platonic. 


Dragon Bone Publishing was born out of a dream of passion. Passion for writing, reading, learning, and for life itself. Believing everything has deeper meaning and complexity than often explored, Dragon Bone Publishing seeks to expose the depth and intricacy of the world around us using the words of multi-faceted authors, the magic and mystery of epic fantasy, and the wonder of a child's mind. 

The Dragon Bone Journal

Our mission at Dragon Bone Publishing™ is to encourage authors with their passions by publishing their writing, offering tools and tricks of the trade, and by spreading the word about their work! What better way to do that than a magazine?


The Shadows of Light

If you like epic fantasy with worlds, characters, and plots that are bigger than life, if you love adopted families, shape-shifting demons, dragon riders, Centaurs, and Fauns, if you believe in the complex try that not everyone is all good or all evil, or if you're looking for a beautiful forld to escape to ...

Welcome to Rasa and The Shadows of Light

MOON SOUL by Nathaniel Luscombe
A Cozy Science Fantasy Novella

August has never been good with change and isn’t sure who she is beyond her job of reading memories in the sand. When she comes to the conclusion that she has to quit her job, she’s left with an overwhelming sense of emptiness. What follows is the quiet chaos of a girl regaining control over her life on a small desert moon.

Dragon Bone Distribution

Here at Dragon Bone Publishing, we strive to bring to life the dream of all small authors, even if they don't choose to publish through us! That's why we started Dragon Bone Distribution: to support all small authors and get their books into local book stores. 

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