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Signed and personalized copies of Heir of Two Kingdoms. This is the second book in The Shadows of Light Series.


Comes with art, map prints, stickers, and bookmarks.


If you chose to have your purchase personalized, please fill out the custom box with the details you would like written in the book. If not, just leave the box blank!


This item will ship within one week of your order date

Signed Heir of Two Kingdoms

  • Duvarharia awaits. The past calls.

    The heir of two kingdoms faces her inheritance.

    Stephania is destined to rule the land of the dragon riders, Duvarharia, but when she stops in the Centaur tribe of Trans-Falls on her way to Duvarharia, her past snares her. As she lingers in her childhood home, a traitor, a brother, supernatural evil, a mentor, nightmares, and new friends remind her of who she was while also urging her to move forward. While Stephania fights between her memories and destiny, she also battles the darkness growing in the land and her soul. When loss threatens to shatter her, will Stephania remain behind the mask of her past, fall victim to the darkness, or step forward to inherit her destiny?

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